Insects Limited: Food Moth NoSurvivor Kit


May 2, 2022



The Food Moth NoSurvivor Kit (IL-164) features Insect Limited’s signature pheromone Bullet Lures, which attract multiple species of food moths with a controlled release of pheromone over three months. The Bullet Lures are paired with the NoSurvivor Trap. These traps can easily be hung in closets or throughout other living spaces or storage rooms. Moths that are attracted to the lure are readily stuck in the glue upon entering the trap. The kit includes 10 NoSurvivor Hanging Traps and 10 pheromone Bullet Lures for Indianmeal moths (Plodia interpunctella), Mediterranean flour moths (Ephestia kuehniella), almond moths (E. cautella), tobacco moths (E. elutella), and other food moths. This kit pairs the science of insect biology to the technology of a trapping system to assist you with the task of monitoring for these pests in your environment.

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