BASF: Fendona CS


May 3, 2022



Protect your customers and your bottom line with Fendona CS. Featuring the active ingredient (A.I.) alpha-cypermethrin, the controlled release insecticide is labeled for a broad range of surfaces and use sites, including lawn and ornamental uses. Its micro-mesh encapsulation preserves the highly active A.I. long after the treatment; in addition, lipophilic properties allow the microcapsules to easily stick to the insect’s exoskeleton where the A.I. is released to penetrate the insect’s body. Fendona CS controlled release insecticide is labeled for more than 60 arthropod pests, including spiders, mosquitoes, house flies, bed bugs and scorpions.

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  1. Nabil Kamel says:

    From an experience in the eighties of the last century … an excellent tool in safe control