Pest Posse will host U.S. Armed Forces in Pest Control recognition series


May 3, 2022



The Pest Posse, with the sponsorship of Catchmaster, will host the second annual U.S. Armed Forces in Pest Control recognition series.

The 2022 U.S. Armed Forces in Pest Control series will release a new recognition interview each Monday throughout May with a veteran with a true passion and dedication for the pest control industry. These interviews can be watched as part of the free Pest Posse TV membership or listened to on podcast platforms.

Pest Posse TV provides video-based content to help pest management professionals (PMPs) better understand the pest control industry. New video episodes are released weekly that offer reviews of pest control-related products, interviews with industry leaders, express training and more.

The Pest Posse chose May for this series because this month is Military Appreciation Month.

“We wanted to recognize the pest management professionals who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces and acknowledge their military service, the sacrifice they have made to protect our nation, and their dedication to the professional pest management industry,” said Foster Brusca, trainer and cosultant with The Pest Posse and a member of PMP magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board.

In related news, in the latest episode of The Pest Posse’s monthly program Today’s PMP, Diane Sofranec, senior editor of PMP magazine, and Brusca discuss the latest pest control industry news and what is coming up in the May 2022 issue of  the magazine.

About The Pest Posse

The Pest Posse’s mission is to be a trusted independent resource for training and information for pest management professionals and small to medium-size business owners. Founded by two pest management professionals with over 50 years of combined pest management experience, they accomplish their mission by providing relevant video-based content and a continuous video-base training solution, Pest Posse Academy.

About Catchmaster

Catchmaster is an American-based company with a wide range of management tools for flying insects, insects, mosquitoes, and rodents. They are proud to have their products designed and created here in the USA, which guarantees the quality, consistency and performance its customers expect from the Catchmaster experience and products.


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Ellen Wagner is a former digital editor for PMP magazine.

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