Truly Nolen employee saves hawk


May 5, 2022


Steven Gonzales saved a hawk from a pool during a routine pest control service. PHOTO: TRULY NOLEN PEST CONTROL

A Truly Nolen Pest Control employee saved a hawk from a pool during a routine pest control service in Phoenix, Ariz.

Technician Steven Gonzales quickly dropped everything to rescue the hawk, which was caught on camera by a trainee.

Gonzales was able to grab the hawk by the legs, lift it up on his shoulder and let it rest there.

After he freed the hawk, it sat on the ground to let its wings dry. Gonzales said the hawk probably just wanted some company after the whole ordeal.

“It just chilled there with me,” Gonzales told Inspire More. “It didn’t want to leave my side. It just stayed right next to me.”

Gonzales brought the hawk to Wild at Heart Inc., a nonprofit bird sanctuary in Cave Creek, Ariz., where it could stay until it was ready to be released.

Until  the hawk is well enough to be released into the wild, Gonzales is receiving daily updates about it, which he named Lucena after his daughter.

This wasn’t Gonzales’ first bird rescue. He has previously helped rescue an owl and can save more birds in the future. Gonzales is now a volunteer at Wild at Heart to help with future bird rescues.

“I’ve always been fascinated with birds of prey and stuff and animals,” Gonzales said. “and I like to volunteer and do things and help not only people and pest control, but animals as well.”



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