Target Specialty Products, BASF host May webinar


May 10, 2022



Target Specialty Products and BASF will host a free webinar on May 26 at 1:30 p.m. Eastern titled “Let’s do the Math! Using Product Labels to Determine Amount of Material for a Termite Service.”

Dr. Bob Davis, BCE, technical services representative at BASF, will discuss details on how to use the product labels and the structure in question to calculate how much material is required to provide a standard termite control service.

The first section on the webinar will go over a termiticide label and the directions provided. These include the proper loading and mixing rates, personal protective equipment, container disposal, finished dilution volume application rates and calibration and application techniques. Differences between preconstruction, post construction and post construction exterior perimeter/localized interior (EP/LI) treatments will also be discussed as well as the proper construction of structural diagrams, site measurements, etc. Bait station installation and maintenance is discussed regarding termite baiting systems.

The second section of the webinar will use the labels and above information to go through sets of structural diagrams to calculate amount of finished dilution required for either a full conventional treatment or an EP/LI treatment. Diagrams for monolithic, floating and supported slabs, crawl spaces and basements will be provided. Methods to perform the calculations are also going to be discussed.

Dr. Davis is a technical services representative for BASF Professional and Specialty Solutions. His career has included various positions, including fisheries biologist, serving as the technical director for ABC Pest & Lawn Services of Austin, Texas, and as a technical field representative for Aventis and Bayer Environmental Sciences. He received his undergraduate, master and doctoral degrees from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, where his graduate work focused on testing and evaluating termite control materials and techniques. Dr. Davis is a board-certified entomologist and is active in the Entomological Society of America.

Registration for the webinar is now open. 


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