PPMA: Still spry at 25


June 1, 2022

Begun in 1997 as the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) Industry Awareness Council, the Professional Pest Management Alliance, or PPMA, as it’s been known since 1999, is celebrating 25 years of being an industry advocate. What follow are some highlights of what we’ve done just in the past few months. Learn more about what we do — and how you can help — at NPMAPestWorld.org/ppma.


This spring, the NPMA’s director of training and education, Dr. Mike Bentley, appeared on a segment for The Weather Channel. He discussed the NPMA’s Spring & Summer 2022 Bug Barometer forecast. This is one of many educational, national-level media appearances the PPMA facilitates to educate the public about the benefits of pest control and prevention. PHOTO: PPMA



Launched during National Tick Awareness Week in May 2021, TickTalk.org continues to be a strong resource to educate consumers about ticks and public health. PHOTO: PPMA



Launched in April by the PPMA, “Invasive Species” is an online, six-episode video series designed to educate the public about the spread of invasive pests throughout the U.S. The series may be viewed online at the consumer-facing site, PestWorld.org, as well as on YouTube.com/user/Pestworld. PHOTO: PPMA



Another “tick” off the PPMA to-do list was when it launched a TikTok profile in April 2021. At press time, the @PestWorld account has more than 54,000 followers and 155,000 likes. Pictured is a screen capture of our most viral video, which shows a bed bug larva hatching. PHOTO: PPMA



Connecting with families has long been a goal of the PPMA, which maintains the PestWorldForKids.org website and frequently posts lighthearted items like this “Critter Craft” to the PestWorld Facebook page. PHOTO: PPMA

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Cindy Mannes is the senior vice president of public affairs for the National Pest Management Association, and executive director of its Professional Pest Management Alliance.

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