Killgerm Group creates new trading entity Killgerm France


June 2, 2022

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Killgerm Group expands into France with the creation of a new trading entity, Killgerm France.

Rupert Broome, group managing director of Killgerm Group explained, “We have for some time had our sights set on opening up a Killgerm operation in France, and we are delighted to have now taken the final step forward to make this happen in 2022.”

Broome said this is “a slightly different growth strategy” for Killgerm Group since a brand-new business is being started, rather than acquiring an existing operation.

“The financial strength of the entire Group is being deployed to set up a fully functioning Killgerm operation from day one,” Broome said in a news release.

Alexandre Maury will lead the Killgerm France business as the new managing director.

“The reputation of Killgerm across Europe is exceptionally strong, both in terms of the standards of customer service it delivers and the outstanding levels of technical support it offers. I am delighted to join the organization at this exciting time and to lead the creation of this brand-new part of the wider Killgerm Group,” Maury said in a news release.

Killgerm France will begin trading in the third quarter of 2022.

About Killgerm Group

Killgerm Group has its global headquarters based in Ossett, West Yorkshire, U.K. It is a market leading supplier and manufacturer of professional pest control products and has operations in 13 countries on four continents around the world. Apart from the products that Killgerm manufactures or formulates itself, it is the major pest control distributor for global companies such as Bayer Environmental Health, BASF, Bell Laboratories and Syngenta.


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