Alliances foster sharing, growing


June 8, 2022

Illustration: Leo Michael

Illustration: Leo Michael

Our cover story this month sets out to remind readers that no pest management professional (PMP) is an island. Joining industry groups can aid your professional growth, and the good feeling you get when you help a colleague — from something as small as a product recommendation to as big as having a formal mentorship — can be downright addictive.

Alliances also grow from existing organizations. Members of Pest Cemetery, for example, have started additional groups. One such popular example is Let’s Talk Business Mobile (LTBM), a private Facebook group started by Josh Alpert of Green Earth Pest Control.

“I started LTBM in 2018 with the intent to offer business and personal advice to business owners in the pest control industry,” Alpert told me. “The group has become less about me over time, and more about the community it serves.”

Although LTBM began with several members knowing Alpert personally from other online groups, it has grown in scope to have more than 700 members (and counting) today. Like many organizations profiled for our cover story, Alpert says he sees a future in developing professional video training content, to help guide the next generation of PMPs.

Benchmarking, sharing, learning, growing: There is a lot of value in joining industry groups whose needs and interests align with yours.


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