Liphatech: Aegis Line of Bait Stations


July 8, 2022



Liphatech’s Aegis line of rat and mouse bait stations are designed to be reliable, quick-to-service, encourage rodent entry and be competitively priced. Aegis rat and mouse stations allow the rodent to see straight through to the exit upon entry. Each station features a compact design that can be placed vertically to fit into tight spaces, and one universal key opens all Aegis stations. Pest management professionals have several options to secure bait, ensuring maximum return on investment, even in specialized circumstances. Two products in the line, the Aegis-RP and Aegis-RP Anchor, use SecureV Technology to lock in vertical bait rods and hold snap traps in place. Mechanical hinges on the RP and Anchor elongate service life and reduce broken lids; both stations are available in black, or gray to reduce bait melt. The Anchor includes a 12.5-pound concrete base for maximum holding power. SecurePoint Technology holds bait tight in the station, while a clear lid option makes identifying bait easy.

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