Allergy Technologies: ActiveGuard Mattress Liner


August 2, 2022



ActiveGuard Mattress Liners are designed to be an essential “last step” in every pest management professional’s (PMP’s) comprehensive program to effectively prevent and control bed bugs. ActiveGuard has been extensively field studied and the subject of numerous peer-reviewed publications, with findings supporting its ability to control and prevent bed bugs for two years. It is pre-dosed, with no need for applicator equipment or personal protective equipment (PPE), and its label has no cautionary words or use restrictions. These maintenance-free, odorless liners are easy to install on mattresses or box springs of any size. In addition, ActiveGuard was recently adopted as part of the ATAHC program at an affordable housing complex in Philadelphia, Pa., where the product has been a major contributor to the program’s success in reducing bed bug re-introductions by more than 95 percent. When used in hospitality and assisted-living environments, ActiveGuard is also proven to achieve more than a 90 percent reduction in infestations, while helping PMPs’ clients decrease operational expense, maximize revenue, preserve brand reputation and ensure stakeholder equity.

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