Rentokil, Orkin launch new scent products


August 3, 2022

Rentokil North America and Orkin launched new products to remove odors caused by pests.

Rentokil’s GENIE Max

Reading, Pa.-based Rentokil North America launched GENIE Max, a patented odor management system designed to eliminate challenging back-of-house malodors.

GENIE Max can be used for odors from trash chutes, product storage space and other common back-of-house areas in indoor spaces.

The product produces odor control solutions using nebulization to disperse non-toxic, safe-scenting fragrances. Designed for large back-of-house indoor and outdoor spaces, the patented scent technology eliminates and neutralizes foul smells, delivering an improved air care experience for customers and employees, while helping to reduce unwanted pests.

Strong aromas release a signal to many pests such as rodents, cockroaches and flies that food is near. Pests can contaminate food and spread harmful pathogens, directly impacting employee and customer health. Customers and employees view lingering odors as an indicator of unhealthy environments, leading to negative perceptions of the business or organization.

“The common house fly can smell odors as far as four miles away,” said Matt Hayas, director of product and innovation at Rentokil North America. “Air fresheners and aerosol sprays only mask the smells and create even more pungent aromas, which can make pest problems worse for businesses. GENIE Max takes odor remediation a step further by targeting the source and eradicating the vaporous odors at their molecular level.”

GENIE Max odor management system can be equipped with up to four cartridge heads, offering

multi-zone coverage from a single point. Each diffuser head can be individually programmed, with 50 intensity settings and 21 start and stop times per day, providing a range of options that can be adjusted based on the business’s needs.

Orkin’s AirRemedy and AirSpa


Orkin diffuser in a hotel lobby. PHOTO: ORKIN

Orkin Scent Services is offering two new products: AirRemedy and AirSpa.

AirRemedy acts as an odor eliminator to help remove foul smells and leave areas smelling fresh and clean. AirSpa delivers a desired fragrance to strengthen a company’s brand impression, according to the Orkin website. 

AirRemedy uses cold fusion technology to attack and help remove the odors in the air and leaves a fresh scent. The diffuser system delivers dry, invisible vapor that floats evenly across large, designated areas, such as garbage and recycling rooms, compactor areas and more.

AirSpa is a diffuser system that delivers a dry, invisible vapor that floats evenly across designated areas to achieve the desired scent for your business and enhance the customer experience. Scents include, apple; conifer and laurel; crushed lime mint; green tea and thyme; matcha tea; sunny citrus; and white tea and ginger.


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