AeroPest: AeroInspect


August 10, 2022



AeroPest, a Drexel University-backed startup, has launched a line of pest-hunting autonomous drones to scan environments, locate pests, and fully automate dangerous elevated inspections. AeroPest sells autonomous drones to digitally model structures, and its mobile app, AeroInspect, finds each pest within the model. This allows companies to conduct cheaper, faster, and more thorough inspections using autonomous drones without needing a skilled pilot. Drones also increase safety by keeping technicians on the ground and preventing unnecessary injury and death from falls off of ladders, lifts and rooftops. AeroPest is currently seeking beta-users through its website. AeroPest began as a hardware company, developing the Hummingbird (pictured), a spraying system that mounts to an aerial drone to safely remove elevated pests such as wasp nests. Currently, AeroPest is developing an internationally patent-pest vacuum attachment, the Woodpecker, to accomplish the same goal without any chemicals, bypassing stringent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

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