Bayer’s Environmental Science Professional to become Envu


August 16, 2022


Bayer’s Environmental Science Professional business announced it will become Envu as a standalone company contingent on the successful close of Cinven’s acquisition of the business from Bayer.

At press time, the transaction between Bayer and Cinven is still in process. The launch of this new company and name is contingent on the deal closing. Until such time, the Environmental Science Professional business continues to be owned by Bayer and will operate as such.

Pronounced “ehn-VIEW”, the name is derived from “environment” and “vision.” It was developed with input from both employees and customers around the world, according to the news release.

“As a trusted industry leader, we know that ensuring continued customer success requires strong partnerships and a renewed perspective,” said Gilles Galliou, president of the Environmental Science Professional business at Bayer and future CEO of the new standalone company. “That’s why Envu will be dedicated to bringing customers innovative solutions to help them push their business forward and tackle the toughest challenges our environments face today.”

Envu will work alongside customers to “see challenges through their eyes, bringing together diverse points-of-view and a vision beyond chemistry,” according to the release.

“The fact that our new company will be focused solely on environmental science will allow us to solve problems faster, smarter and more efficiently,” Galliou said in the release. “The challenges we solve today will help ensure a healthy future for all is clearly in view.”

“We have an established track record of bringing effective, safe and sustainable solutions to customers,” said Tiffany Fremder, head of global marketing for Environmental Science. “We will continue this commitment as Envu and expand our focus on innovation to achieve long-standing environmental health and sustainability.”

From now until the divestment transaction officially closes, the organization will remain the Environmental Science Professional business of Bayer. However, the company says in the news release that it looks forward to fully launching its new corporate identity upon the successful close, which is on track for later this year. The business will also continue to collaborate with Bayer as a standalone company.


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