Liphatech, Catchmaster Pro sponsor ‘rat crawl’ at PestWorld 2022


November 2, 2022


Pest management professionals participated in a Liphatech and Catchmaster Pro co-sponsored “rat crawl” as part of the PMP Mastermind Consortium. PHOTO: LIPHATECH

About 35 pest management professionals (PMPs) participated in a Liphatech and Catchmaster Pro co-sponsored “rat crawl” as part of the PMP Mastermind Consortium held Oct. 9, right before the start of the National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) PestWorld 2022 event in Boston, Mass.

The event featured a live, on-the-town inspection for rodents conducted in a suburban rodent habitat.

John Murphy, Liphatech CO₂ development and implementation manager, lead the crawl while speaking to PMPs about rodent control around dumpster areas and previewing the equipment and efficacy of IGI Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Powered by Liphatech.

The IGI CO₂ system, including the Eliminator Injection Device, is a rodent control alternative specially designed to kill burrowing rodents such as rats, ground squirrels, pocket gophers and moles where they live. IGI CO₂ is 99.9 percent carbon dioxide and is registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is a non-flammable, invisible, odorless gas that is applied to rodent burrows at a low rate of pressure and at a regulated amount. It quickly forces oxygen out of rodent burrows, asphyxiating occupants of a burrow.

Participants of the crawl observed IGI CO₂ in use and witnessed evidence of its effectiveness on the scene in habitat near a restaurant dumpster area.

For over four years, the PMP Mastermind Consortium, a group of professional pest control company owners, meet regularly to help one another learn, grow, network and excel in the pest control industry.


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