Mosquito Shield launches Pest Shield


November 14, 2022


Mosquito Shield is launching a new service this fall called Pest Shield, a scientific approach the company found for mosquitoes and ticks that also can be applied to spider and ant control.

Pest Shield is an exterior barrier protection program. The program will apply the company’s blend of pest control around the perimeter of a home to prevent pests from getting in. The primary goal of this approach is to prevent spiders and ants from intruding not only in a home but also reduce the overall number of spiders and ants in a yard.

“Quite often, insect behaviors change based on the weather,” Michael Morehouse, president of Mosquito Shield, said in the news release. “That’s why, at Mosquito Shield, we track things like rainfall, humidity and temperature to be more effective with our control services.” He went on to say that “having a set schedule does not work. Our reactive treatments have proven to be a far superior method and help differentiate us from the competition.”

About Mosquito Shield

Founded in 2001, Mosquito Shield provides residential mosquito and tick control service. The company has invested nearly two decades developing an innovative approach to pest management that features a proprietary blend of all-natural oils and select control products, and a responsive spraying schedule designed around real-time pest population analysis and weather conditions that results in a higher visit frequency of every 10-17 days. Mosquito Shield also offers a proprietary tick control service called Tick Shield, and a special event service called Event Shield.

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