PelGar: Brigand SB and Monark SB


November 17, 2022



Suffering from bait freeze? Sub-zero temperatures can cause many problems, but it’s the lard in Brigand and Monark soft baits that keeps them pliable, even in freezing temperatures. They also are easily secured inside a bait station. Brigand’s high fat content, combined with PelGar’s other food-grade quality ingredients, makes it highly attractive to rodents even against competing food sources. Monark, meanwhile, is the only difenacoum-based soft bait currently registered in America. As a second-generation anticoagulant, it boasts a low toxicity profile, thereby significantly reducing the risk of secondary toxicity to non-target animals. Monark is formulated using a blend of culinary-grade wheat flour, chopped grain and soft lard to produce a palatable bait. The synthetic flavoring is attractive to both rats and mice and, because it doesn’t contain any allergens, it can be used in sensitive areas such as food processing and factories where products containing nuts would not be authorized for use.

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