Rollins makes 2 organizational changes


January 18, 2023

Atlanta, Ga.-based Rollins announced two organizational changes in support of Rollins Technical Services and Termite and Pest Warranty Claims function.

Glen Ramsey, BCE

Glen Ramsey, BCE

Glen Ramsey was promoted to director of Rollins Technical Services. Ramsey has been with Rollins for almost six years. Over this time as a technical services manager and senior manager, he has “has provided value to our team and company by delivering improved efficacy, efficiency, environmental sustainability, and profitability,” Judy Black, BCE, vice president of Technical Services and Quality Assurance, said in an email to Pest Management Professional. Black is also a member of the PMP Hall of Fame (Class of 2019).

Under his leadership, a platform for the Rollins Technical Services team was created, to help the company thrive through collaboration, continuous improvement and brand service. Ramsey will report to Black in his new role, with increased responsibilities as he takes over the strategic aspects, as well as the tactical aspects of Rollins Technical Services. Ramsey is also current Georgia Pest Control Association (GCPA) president.

Ray Quesenberry

Ray Quesenberry

Ray Quesenberry was promoted to senior manager of Termite and Pest Warranty Claims. Quesenberry has been with Rollins brands for 34 years, transitioning from Orkin to Rollins Termite and Pest Warranty Claims 10 years ago.  In the previous role, he oversaw many improvements to the company’s claims process as well as facilitating the move to digitize our new claims records.

“Ray is deservedly seen as an expert in termite treatments by all Rollins Brands. His leadership and expertise in identifying issues with termite treatments and instituting sustainable resolutions has been praised by many, including our Legal department,” Black said in the email.

In his new role, Black said the company looks forward to utilizing Quesenberry’s training talents to provide a more proactive approach to termite and pest warranty claims.

“I am excited about these leadership appointments, and I am confident that Glen and Ray will drive an even stronger, more intentional focus in the technical services and claims areas,” Black said.


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