Syngenta: Advion MicroFlow insect bait


February 7, 2023



A little goes a long way with Advion MicroFlow insect bait from Syngenta. It provides excellent control of ants, cockroaches and more with its dry flowable formulation, which can be applied deep within hard-to-reach voids and harborages. Powered by a highly attractive bait matrix, Advion MicroFlow features the same MetaActive effect found in other Advion brand products, which activates indoxacarb once ingested by target pests and leaves non-target organisms largely unaffected. Additionally, purchases of Advion MicroFlow can help you become a 2023 PestPartners 365 Program member to experience yearlong savings. Simply purchase any combination of Syngenta products that generate at least $200 in base rebates by April 30, 2023, to become a member and save all year.

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