Xcluder: Pest Control Dock Leveler Rear Hinge Seal


February 14, 2023



The new Xcluder Pest Control Dock Leveler Rear Hinge Seal (162673-X), designed for use in combination with Xcluder’s full suite of loading dock rodent-proofing solutions, eliminates a potential rodent entry point in an area notorious for rodent activity. Left unprotected, loading docks create a popular thoroughfare for rodents and other pests. The seal features Xcluder Fill Fabric, a blend of stainless steel and poly-fiber that is impenetrable to rats and mice, proven effective by the USDA APHIS Lab. It also features durable, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-coated vinyl to minimize air exchange and reduce the infiltration of outside contaminants, creating an energy-saving weather seal. By effectively sealing the dock leveler’s rear hinge against pests, outdoor contaminants and light, the Xcluder Dock Leveler Rear Hinge Seal supports SQF, BRC, GFSI and AIB compliance. It fits levelers up to 96 inches wide and features an easy-to-install design without the use of welding or drilling. The seal is recommended for use alongside Xcluder’s Dock Leveler Seal Kit, Pull Chain Seals, X2 Door Bottom Seals and Vertical Side and Top seal kits to seal the multitude of entry points around a loading dock against unwanted pests and the elements.


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