PMP discovers 700 pounds of acorns in wall


February 16, 2023


Nick Castro did not expect to find 700 pounds of acorns in a wall from a woodpecker. PHOTO: NICK’S EXTREME PEST CONTROL

A pest control company in Sonoma County, Calif., had a big job to handle when it discovered 700 pounds of acorns in the walls of a home.

According to ABC News, Nick’s Extreme Pest Control was called to a house in Glen Ellen, Calif., where it was discovered a woodpecker was making holes to store its food. The food was mostly acorns and kept falling into the empty cavities inside the walls instead of staying put.

When pest management professionals (PMPs) from Nick’s Extreme Pest Control cut into the wall, 700 pounds of acorns were discovered.

The company posted on Facebook that there was eight bags’ worth of acorns stuffed in the walls.

“Never came across anything like it,” said the Facebook post.

Nick Castro, owner of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control, told the Dodo that he opened more holes around the house, and acorns kept flowing.

“They just kept coming and coming, nonstop,” Castro told The Dodo. “Acorns were thought to be only about a quarter of the way up the wall. Turned out, they were piled high up to the attic of the house.”

According to Nick’s Extreme Pest Control’s policy, “All animals are handled humanely and never euthanized.” This case was no different.

The company let the woodpecker be and patched up the holes it had made outside the house. The addition of some new vinyl siding by the homeowner will hopefully be enough to encourage the woodpecker to find a new place to store its food.

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