FMC: D-Force and CB-80


February 27, 2023



FMC’s D-Force and CB-80 insecticides protect cracks and crevices from a variety of pests with high efficacy at a low application rate, to make them safe for use in food areas. Featuring the active ingredient deltamethrin, broad-spectrum D-Force insecticide targets more than 40 pest species, including cockroaches, ants, spiders and other crawling insects with proven application rates as low as 0.06 percent, and residual protection for up to eight weeks. CB-80 insecticide is a leading flushing and contact insecticide for knockdown and kill of cockroaches and more than 20 other pests. The 8:1 synergist-to-pyrethrin ratio and dual-spray-action actuator is acetone-free, compliant with all current volatile organic compound (VOC) standards. It contains no ozone-depleting substances, making CB-80 ideal in a broad list of use areas.


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