5 questions with Cameron Riddell


March 9, 2023

Cameron Riddell

Cameron Riddell

This month, we check in with Cameron Riddell, founder and president of Carson, Calif.-based Bird Barrier America, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Check out the company’s Product Insights in this issue.

1. Congratulations on 30 years of business! How has Bird Barrier America changed and grown since 1993?

Thank you. I like to joke that the mission initially was to build it and sell it in three years and get rich! Here we are 30 years later, though, and we’re not going anywhere. In addition to the two patented products we invested in to start the company, Bird-Coil and Daddi Long Legs, we now offer about 25 major bird and pest control product categories, along with all the supporting hardware. Our mission today is to focus on our professional installer network, comprised of pest and wildlife management professionals, to help their customers resolve tricky bird issues and make money. Helping them do well in business helps us succeed in business.

2. How is the company marking its 30-year milestone?

It’s going to be a big feature at our booth at PestWorld in Honolulu, Hawaii, this October. But really, nothing much has changed: We’re going to continue to act like we’re young, agile and nimble. We’re going to continue supporting and training customers and developing great products. One new thing we’re starting is to reach out to other end-user industries, such as in the utilities markets, and develop bird control information that could turn into leads and installation needs for our customers. We’ll be announcing more details about this later this year. We also are in production for our 2023 catalog, our first printed version since 2020, and it should be available soon.

3. Your ProL@bb training program has been going strong. Is there any news to share about it for 2023?

We’re going to continue to host classes both remotely and in the field across the U.S. and Canada. We’re seeing a lot of demand for in-person training, whether it’s at a customer’s headquarters as part of their larger training event or at a local Veseris distribution location, where several companies can take advantage of the training at once. We have been partnering with Veseris since 1994, going back to their Van Waters & Rogers days.

Bird Barrier

4. What are your plans for Bird Barrier’s sibling brand, Pest Barrier?

While bird control remains our focus, we offer several other pest control products. This year, we are partnering with another industry expert to refine and expand our product opportunities, efficacy and training. I can’t say much more than stay tuned at this point.

5. You’ve gone from three employees to nearly 20 since Bird Barrier’s beginnings. What is your secret to success?

Everyone spends so much of their lives at work, it should be a good experience, right? At Bird Barrier, we do our best to treat our employees well, pay them well, and support them outside of work if need be. I have a lot of customers come up to me and rave about our team — how knowledgeable they are, and how they are ambassadors to the industry. As a business owner, it makes me proud to get confirmation we’re providing a really great work environment.

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