Rockwell Labs: InVict AB Gel Bait


March 17, 2023



InVict AB gel bait is formulated with 0.05 percent abamectin, combined with a range of sweet, oil and protein attractants. Not only does it control cockroaches and ants, it is the only gel bait on the market for silverfish, the company says. InVict AB is specially formulated for rotation with InVict Gold for cockroaches to help prevent bait aversion. Working for up to 90 days, it rapidly kills ants, including workers, queens and brood. The protein content makes it ideal for general spring ant baiting, and pest management professionals report particular success against pharaoh and pavement ants year-round. InVict AB is labeled for indoor and outdoor use, including food areas. It is free of peanut ingredients, making it an ideal option for sensitive applications such as food plants, schools, childcare and healthcare facilities. Packaged in boxes of five 35-gram syringes, it is also available in a single 300-gram “Big Gun” syringe that fits a standard caulk gun.

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