SenesTech renews agreement with Veseris, Target Specialty Products


April 6, 2023

LOGO: SENSETECHSenesTech has renewed and expanded its agreements with Veseris and Target Specialty Products.

SenesTech’s first fertility control product, ContraPest, is marketed for controlling rat infestations and can be used as an anchor or enhancement for an integrated pest management (IPM) program. The company believes three core sales channels drive revenue, allowing them to reach a broader customer base and target different market segments.

The distribution agreement with Target Specialty Products, which was first announced in November 2017, is expected to increase the adoption of ContraPest by pest management professionals. Target Specialty Products is a sales and distribution partner for SenesTech, with a direct connection with pest control operators and extensive coverage throughout the U.S. In addition to distribution, Target Specialty Products will market and sell ContraPest throughout its network.

Nicole Williams, SenesTech’s chief revenue officer, said in the news release that the collaboration with Target Specialty Products would dramatically improve their reach. However, SenesTech has not yet had significant sales of ContraPest, its only product. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) granted registration approval for ContraPest effective Aug. 2, 2016, and as of July 12, 2018, the company received registration for ContraPest in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. SenesTech’s success is dependent on the successful commercialization of ContraPest.

About SenesTech

Founded in 2004, SenesTech is the result of two female scientists with a breakthrough technology that induced menopause in mice. Their mission at the time was to provide a tool for scientific research into women’s health issues. Successfully having done just that, a new use for their technology became clear: controlling rat pest populations through fertility. This idea created a new drive and a new mission. ContraPest — “Birth Control for Rats” — was created.


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