Nisus, Noble Pine Products announce Sterifab agreement


April 12, 2023

LOGOS: NISUS AND STERIFABNisus Corp. announced that it reached an agreement with Noble Pine Products Co. to handle the sales, marketing and distribution of Sterifab to the professional pest market.

“As a soft surface sanitizer, insecticide, viricide, Sterifab is a vital product in the pest control industry. It is a perfect complement to our disinfectant and bio-sanitation line and will be another way that we can provide support to our customers,” Lee Barrett, president of Nisus Corp., said in the news release.

Sterifab has been on the market since 1967 and was registered as a pesticide upon the EPA’s inception. Today, Sterifab is recognized as a powerful tool for pest control companies as a non‑residual sanitizer that effectively treats bed bugs, mites, roaches, ants and other pests. Sterifab is labeled for use on human contact surfaces, including mattresses and upholstered furniture, adding to its application flexibility.

Jordon Brooks, vice president of Noble Pine, added, “Over the past year I spent significant time on the road with customers and explored ways to grow the pest control segment of our business. I strongly connected with a couple of members of the Nisus sales team and that led to a discussion with Lee Barrett. We love Nisus’s go-to-market strategy. Nisus has an adept, knowledgeable, respected, and charismatic sales team that is focused on helping customers grow their business. They have established a powerful marketing team, and they’re heavily invested in regulatory affairs, technical support, and research. My discussions with Lee made it clear that Nisus could take Sterifab to the next level in the pest control industry.”

Noble Pine Products Company is headquartered in Mount Vernon, N.Y., and has been manufacturing Sterifab for more than 50 years. Noble Pine will continue manufacturing the product at its plant and Nisus will sell, market distribute, and provide technical support to companies and distributors in the pest control industry. Noble Pine will continue to be available to support its customers and the pest control industry.

“As part of our strategic planning process, we set a goal of identifying products that can expand the services we offer to our customers,” Barrett said. “We are always considering a number of options to achieve this goal, including product development, acquisitions, partnerships, product purchases or sales and marketing agreements like the one with Noble Pine.”

“Noble Pine is a 4th generation company that has competed effectively for over 50 years against huge competitors in the sanitizer, disinfectant, and pesticide category,” Barrett said. “It is an impressive group. We are excited to represent this great product in pest control and for the ways it will help our customers provide outstanding services in their accounts.”

Nisus Corporation is a privately held company that manufactures sustainable products for the pest control, wood preservation and agricultural micronutrient industries at its facility in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Noble Pine will continue to exclusively sell to and service distributors in the other industries in which Sterifab is used, such as Jan/San, bedding, and furniture. Nisus will begin stocking and selling Sterifab for the pest control industry on May 1, 2023.


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