Nisus receives Responsible Care certification


April 26, 2023

Responsible Care certificationNisus Corp. announced that it has earned its Responsible Care certification though the American Chemistry Council (ACC).

Certification as a Responsible Care member requires participating chemical companies to fully implement 12 important guiding principles based on environment, health, safety and security (EHS&S) and ethical business practices; openly report on metrics related to EHS&S; and undergo a rigorous third-party audit to ensure they are meeting EHS&S standards that far exceed industry and federal requirements for chemical manufacturing. Responsible Care certification also qualifies Nisus as a full member of the ACC.

“As a Responsible Care member, we commit to upholding the American Chemistry Council’s Responsible Care principles of striving to continually improve environment, health, safety, and security performance for our chemical operations. We are required to collect and annually report performance data in many areas of our operation,” Lee Barrett, president of Nisus Corp., said in the news release. “The effort of our entire company, including the executive team, operations, sales, marketing, product stewardship, and research and development, made this achievement possible. Special thanks go to Karson Guardado, director of quality and design, who championed the Responsible Care project and was critical to our success.”

“I am honored to be part of such an amazing company that looks beyond the financial or the individual to instead focus on the team, the community, and the environment,” said Guardado, who also serves as Nisus’ responsible care coordinator. “Nisus is always looking at ways to make our company and our community a better place, and Responsible Care is but a stepping stone on that journey. We could not have achieved this without our amazing people here at Nisus. I am so proud of who we’ve become.”

Attaining Responsible Care certification entails cooperation and coordination across an entire organization that shares an ongoing commitment to improving in areas of EHS&S. Maintaining certification requires constant continual improvement in critical areas, such as employee, product and process safety; chemical supply chain security; product stewardship; environment; energy; accountability through management system certification; and community outreach.

“Nisus, as a word, means a great effort towards attaining a specific goal,” Barrett said. “We see being a Responsible Care member as an embodiment of that ethos to always raise the bar higher for ourselves.”


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