Bird Barrier: Bird-Shock Flex-Track


April 30, 2023



Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a flexible, adaptable and humane bird control product that effectively works against all pest birds by utilizing the principle of fear and flight. The intermittent shock does not hurt the birds, the company says; it simply conditions them to stay away. The low-profile, electrified track conforms to any architectural configuration. It curves up and down, and side to side. The stainless-steel strapping follows the PVC base without wrinkling. Bird-Shock Flex-Track is just 0.25-inch high and comes in 50-foot lengths. Once installed, it is hard to notice close-up, and is invisible from a distance. It cannot be seen from the ground. It’s available in a variety of colors to match most structures. Many times, one row on the outer edge is enough to work effectively, keeping material and labor costs low. Made from ultraviolet light (UV) stabilized PVC and stainless steel, the company says, it will continue to work beyond the five-year warranty.

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