Liphatech: Mini Block Choices


April 30, 2023



In addition to bringing the pest control market well-known leading soft bait products, Liphatech offers a family of mini blocks to give pest management professionals (PMPs) choices, and solutions to effectively control rodents amidst a variety of infestation scenarios. Generation, BlueMax and Maki mini blocks are formulated with second-generation anticoagulants, while TakeDown II mini blocks harness the power of an acute rodenticide. Each Liphatech mini block has unique benefits. Generation contains appealing whole grains and seeds for natural feeding preferences in rodents (Liphatech-exclusive difethialone); BlueMax has mold-inhibitors for long-lasting bait even in humid conditions (Liphatech-exclusive difethialone); Maki mini blocks are paraffinized for moisture tolerance (bromadialone); and TakeDown II mini blocks with bromethalin helps PMPs obtain fast results when fighting anticoagulant-resistant rodent populations and heavy infestations.

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