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May 1, 2023

Insight Radio

Pest Xperience is a radio program hosted by Shofu Babalola on Insight Radio that shares experiences about typical household pests by both pest management professionals (PMPs) and homeowners. It also offers insight into pest biology and behavior, diseases transmitted, prevention and treatment methods, as well as proper waste management and hygiene.

In a nutshell, Pest Xperience is an educational program that focuses on the do’s and don’ts for PMPs and homeowners while dealing with pests.

Listeners are welcome to call in to the program at any time to share their opinions and experiences, express their worries and pose pertinent questions about the subjects being discussed. They are also permitted to communicate with the show through its website’s chat section. The show invites guests throughout the pest management industry to share their insights and inform its audience about regulatory guidelines, pest problems and workable remedies.

Why “Pest Xperience”?

In a news release, Babalola explains that “with the number of reports of pest infestations in the nation and around the world, Pest Xperience will assist in resolving some unanswered queries from clients and pest control professionals as well as offer creative and novel ideas for treatment and control that are economical and environmentally friendly while still adhering to environmental protection standards.”

The Pest Xperience show airs live every Saturday 2-3 p.m. Eastern on Youtube and the website

Here is a list of the show’s previous guests:

  1. Jeff White, CEO of White Mantis Consultancy, U.S.
  2. Dr. Stephen Braimah, Entomologist, Braimah Consulting, Canada
  3. Tolulope Caleb, MD, Rotimax Integrated Services, Nigeria
  4. Chux Nwosu, PMP, Nigeria
  5. Dr. Engr. Pompey Olutayo, CEO, PCV Group Nigeria
  6. Jorge Bedoya, operations manager, New York Exterminating, U.S.
  7. Micheal Somoye, PMP, Nigeria
  8. Tom Costello, Green Tech Heat Solutions, California, U.S.
  9. Suhas Kadam, entomologist, India
  10. Davit Gracias, Mexico
  11. Ayodeji Dfortune, MD, Dfortune Pest Solutions, Nigeria
  12. Culley Christensen, The Pest Posse, California


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