NPMA announces Impact Awards winners


May 10, 2023



The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) announce the recipients of its 2023 NPMA Impact Awards for Women in Pest Management.

The Impact Awards, awarded for the first time in 2022, honor and celebrate exceptional women at all levels within the pest management industry, in any role, including management, technical/service, sales or office staff. Recipients were honored during NPMA’s Women’s Forum, which is taking place this week in Charleston, S.C.

Women working in any function at a pest control company were eligible for consideration. This includes technical/service, sales, management, or office staff and nominations were open to individuals from both NPMA member companies, as well as nonmembers. NPMA encouraged nominations from anyone who has a professional relationship with a potential nominee, as well as nominations of individuals who have received state, local, or other industry-specific recognition. Each nomination was considered based on the merits of information included in the submissions.

Here is the list of recipients of the NPMA Impact Award for 2023:

  • Rendi Alderin, United Pest Solutions
  • Rina Altbaum, Orkin Canada Corp.
  • Stephanie Anderson, Alliance Pest Services
  • Suzanne Aranda, Turner Pest Control
  • Andrea Arrieta, Northwest Exterminating
  • Fran Bautista, Corky’s Pest Control
  • Susana Bautista-Norris, Target Specialty Products
  • Suzanne Bean-Miller, Rentokil Terminix
  • Peggy Belaen, Batzner Pest Control
  • Jacqueline Bell, Envu
  • Anna Berry, Pelsis
  • Julianne Bisognini, Rentokil Terminix
  • Adriana Blauvelt, Ex-Terminator Pest Control
  • Arleigh Bors, Arrow Exterminators
  • Karen Bradford, Orkin
  • Amanda Branscom, OPC Pest Services
  • Jill Brindle, Enviroguard Pest Solutions
  • Jennifer Brumfield, Rollins WOW Division (Western, OPC, Waltham)
  • Lorisha Cabarle, Corky’s Pest Control
  • Jean Carman, Arrow Exterminators
  • Katy Carpenter, Rentokil Terminix
  • Racheal Chareunsouk, Pestban
  • Lisa Cloutier, Modern Pest Services
  • Logen Davidson, OPC Pest Services
  • Laurel Deane, Rentokil Terminix
  • Lisa DiDomenico, Envu
  • Rebecca Dmytryk, Humane Wildlife Control Inc.
  • Shekinah Dominguez, Rentokil Terminix
  • Lauren Eddy, Rentokil Terminix
  • Rhonda M. Elmore, Commonwealth Exterminators, Inc.
  • Valery Federspiel, Rentokil Terminix
  • Beatrice Ferretti, Arrow Pest Control
  • Mimi Franklin, Rentokil Terminix
  • Sue Fries (Termite Lady), Ecola Termite & Pest Control
  • Leigh Anne Fryxell, Anticimex
  • Claretta Gaither, Rentokil Terminix
  • Jodie Gallagher, Hoffman’s Exterminating Co. Inc.
  • Sarah Garcia, Clark Pest Control
  • Suzanne T. Graham, Massey Services
  • Lorie Hale, Waynes Pest Control
  • Jessica Hamue, ACE, Joshua’s Pest Control
  • Shannon Harlow-Ellis, Mosquito Joe
  • Tammy Hart, Rentokil Terminix
  • Stephanie Hill, Northwest Exterminating
  • Kimberly Holden, Nextgen Pest Solutions
  • Rachael Horsley, PCI Pest Control
  • Amy Hurley, American Pest
  • Janelle Iaccino, Rose Pest Solutions
  • Edna Alfaro-Inocente, Sprague Pest Solutions
  • Jennifer Jenkins, ABC Home and Commercial Services of DFW
  • Jullee M. Johnson, Terminix Service, Inc.
  • Sylvia Kenmuir, BASF
  • Deanna Kjorlien, ACE, Green Dog Pest Service, Inc.
  • Skye LaJaunie, LaJaunie’s Pest Control
  • Laurie LaLiberte, Adam’s Pest Control, Inc.
  • Shawna Magallanes, American Pest
  • Samantha Malone, Olympia Pest Management
  • Susan Manning, FMC
  • Ashley “Chant” Martin, Sprague Pest Solutions
  • Chrystal McCoy, Northwest Exterminating
  • Rachel Mendes, ACE-I, Last Call Pest Control
  • Susan Michael, Rentokil Terminix
  • Sarah Miller, American Pest
  • Maria Miller, Envu
  • Madison Moilanen, Adam’s Pest Control
  • Mercedes Moreno, Northwest Exterminating
  • Jessica Motter, American Pest
  • Kerri Osimo, Rentokil Terminix
  • Eve Pappas, Hoffman’s Exterminating
  • Caroline Parkes, American Pest
  • Loren Patterson, Rentokil Terminix
  • Meg Pearson, Trutech | Critter Control | MissQuito
  • Angela Persinger, Rose Pest Solutions
  • Patty Powell, Target Specialty Products
  • Mahi Principio, Rentokil Terminix
  • Sandi Quintana, Sprague Pest Solutions
  • Suzy Rayner, Valkyrie Pest Solutions
  • Marion Riley, Turner Pest Control
  • Brook Russell, American Pest
  • Sharon A. Scialabba, JP McHale Pest Management
  • Brandy Shelar, Turner Pest Control
  • Trisha Shellenberger, Bell Laboratories
  • Blair Smith, Clark Pest Control
  • Danta Marie Smith, Three Rivers Mosquito and Vector Control
  • Maria Sorrentino, Pest Pros of Michigan
  • Kristen Stevens, Cook’s Pest Control
  • Tami Swanson, Massey Services
  • Nicole Danielle Todisco, Buono Pest Control Co., Inc.
  • Denise Trad-Wartan, Trad’s Pest Control
  • Mariah Vera, Proof Pest Control
  • Danielle Wallace, Forshaw
  • Tiffany White, Rentokil Terminix
  • Kimberly Woodland, ABC Home and Commercial Services


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