Rockwell Labs: InVade Hot Spot+ Bio Sanitation Aerosol Foam


May 17, 2023



InVade Hot Spot+ is a new and improved version of the original InVade Hot Spot, the industry’s top-selling bio sanitation aerosol foam cleaner that works effectively in areas with chronic moisture and organic matter. It now features 4-Way Action, with fast-acting enzymes to break down organic debris instantly, including fats, oils and grease (FOG); odor neutralization technology that goes to work immediately trapping odor molecules; premium, naturally occurring microbes that activate on contact with organic debris to digest build-up and eliminate odors at the source; and natural citrus oil to provide extra cleaning power and a fresh scent. Hot Spot+ comes in a 19-ounce BIG can, almost 20 percent more than before. It also features a 360-degree valve and three application options: a full cone spray actuator for coating surfaces; a straw insert for drain and crack-and-crevice injections; and a reusable 24-inch flexible extension hose for deep injections in drains and hard-to-reach spots.

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