Rockwell Labs: ‘Scum Alert’


May 31, 2023



From June 1, 2023, to June 30, 2023, take advantage of a promotional offer on two of Rockwell Labs’ most popular InVade Bio Sanitation products. Get $5 off a 16-ounce bottle of InVade Bio Foam (#IBFC016), to eliminate organic build-up and odors in commercial kitchens, and $2 off a 19-ounce can of Hot Spot+ bio sanitation aerosol foam (#IHSF019). InVade Bio Foam is a super-concentrated foaming formula containing a blend of premium, natural microbes and citrus oil. The powerful probiotics actually digest organic matter, including fats, oils and grease (FOG), proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose and urea. It also eliminates odors at the source. The microbe spores activate and multiply when in contact with their food source, the organic debris. Bio Foam’s thick, long-lasting foam provides extended contact time for the microbes to work, and is designed to be applied with the Foamer Simpson pump-up foamer or a power foamer. InVade Hot Spot+ contains premium microbes and powerful citrus oil like Bio Foam, but also includes fast-acting enzymes and odor neutralization to provide four-way action. The fast-acting enzymes begin to work instantly to break down organic debris, while the odor neutralization technology immediately traps odor molecules. Hot Spot+ comes with three different application options: a full cone spray for coating surfaces, a straw insert for drain and crack/crevice injections, and a 24-inch flexible and reusable extension hose for deep injections in drains and hard-to-reach spots. It also has a 360-degree valve that allows the can to be sprayed in any orientation for easier applications.

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