Envu: TruDetx Bed Bug Rapid Test


June 7, 2023



When it comes to detecting bed bugs, providing customers with a confident answer is key. Envu’s trademarked TruDetx Bed Bug Rapid Test is a new bed bug detection device that helps pest management professionals identify even low-level infestations. Features include:

  • Science-based results: Detects even low-level infestations with more than 90 percent accuracy (Source: *Ko, Alexander & Choe, Dong-Hwan. Development of a lateral flow test for bed bug detection. Scientific Reports, 10:13376 [2020])

  • Rapid results: On-site test results are ready in five minutes

  • Easy to use: Instructions are simple, and minimal training is needed to utilize the test

  • Discreet packaging: So it won’t cause concern

The test is a lateral flow strip that works like a COVID-19 self-test. To begin collection, simply open the swab. Use the soft end to collect residue in sleeping areas where bed bugs hide, like headboards, mattress piping and seams, bedside tables, drawers, baseboards and bed legs, and lounge chairs.

To begin the test, start by breaking the solution seal in the swab. Bend the stem until it snaps, releasing the liquid to the bottom of the tube. Then, gently agitate the tube for 15 seconds, assuring the swab is soaked. Next, open the test pouch. Don’t open the pouch until you are ready to test the sample you collected. Place the test on a flat surface and remove the white cap from the bottom of the tube.

Next, gently squeeze the bulb to deliver four drops in the well at the bottom of the test. The test takes five minutes to complete after the test starts with four drops of the sample liquid in the well. After five minutes, the results are visible in the test window and valid for 15 minutes.


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