SenesTech expands to South Africa, Maldives


June 19, 2023

LOGO: SENSETECHSenesTech announced it entered into a development and distribution agreement with Pathogens and Environmental Solutions (PES) of South Africa for the commercialization of ContraPest into South Africa.

Under the agreement, PES will be responsible for seeking regulatory registration, and all marketing and sales of ContraPest into South Africa.

“At PES, we aim to bring innovative products to the African Sub-Saharan region. ContraPest fits this aim perfectly, and partnering with SenesTech was a logical fit,” said Reon Hillebrand, director at PES. “Once regulatory approval is achieved, we look forward to offering our customers this unique rodent control alternative, complementing our current rodent control offering in South Africa and our other African partners.”

SenesTech also announced further expansion with entry into a distribution agreement with Pesterminators of Maldives for the deployment t of ContraPest into the Maldives.

As Pesterminators is part of a multinational pest control organization, the potential expansion of the agreement throughout the region is contemplated in the agreement.

“With Pesterminators, I fully expect that we have the right partner for expansion into new markets in South Asia,” Joel Fruendt, SenesTech’s president and CEO, said in a news release.

About SenesTech

Founded in 2004, SenesTech is the result of two female scientists with a breakthrough technology that induced menopause in mice. Their mission at the time was to provide a tool for scientific research into women’s health issues. Successfully having done just that, a new use for their technology became clear: controlling rat pest populations through fertility. This idea created a new drive and a new mission. ContraPest — “Birth Control for Rats” — was created.


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