PelGar USA: Alert Station


June 26, 2023



The PelGar Alert Station has been designed by pest management professionals to offer the ideal environment for rodents to be trapped and baited, with an easy mechanism for checking the results of placed snap traps. Features include a secure, dual-lockable, tamper-resistant lid; space for two rat snap traps; rods for block bait use; and a flag to alert whether the trap has been triggered.

The PelGar Alert Station joins PelGar USA’s many other products for pest management professionals, including rodenticide mainstays Brigand Wax Blocks (WB), Brigand Soft Bait (SB) and Monark Difenacoum Soft Bait. New introductions for rodent control include RoBan Barrier (formerly RodentStop); the NZ snap traps for rats and mice; PelGar NG Mouse Bait Box, which accommodates many popular bait and monitoring block formulations; and the PelGar Bandit Station, which features an exclusive rat trap holder.

About PelGar

Based in the United Kingdom, PelGar provides products and expertise in more than 60 countries worldwide, including the United States. The company supports customers who are directly involved in controlling nuisance pests, national campaigns against the vectors of disease, and local and national Conservation in Partnership (CiP) projects. PelGar’s global network of experienced staff and in-country resources guarantee an exceptional level of service.

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