FMC to host August First Friday webinar


July 19, 2023

Dr. Shaku Nair

Dr. Shaku Nair

In August, FMC True Champions will host its next First Friday CEU Webinar series on the second Friday: Aug. 11 at 10:30 a.m. Eastern.

“Flies: Biology and Management” is a one-hour presentation that will provide an overview of the Diptera insect order, and focus on filth flies and other fly species that are problematic in community environments. Their biology and management will also be discussed.

Flies belong to the insect order Diptera, the name of which refers to their two visible wings. Diptera is one of the most diverse insect orders and is considered to be of utmost importance to humans in economic and ecological terms. This is mainly because of the role of many of its members as annoying, biting pests that vector infectious diseases of humans and animals. Of particular significance among these are mosquitoes. However, adults of many other Dipterans are passive vectors of disease causing microorganisms. Many Dipterans are pests of plants and can result in serious crop losses. Some Dipterans however, are beneficial and serve as pollinators of crops, predators and parasitoids of other pest organisms. They are also efficient decomposers of organic matter, and important components of the food chain, serving as food for many groups of vertebrate predators.

FMC True Champions have an opportunity to earn continuing education units (CEUs) in selected states. At press time, approved states include California (Department of Public Health), Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah and Vermont.

Dr. Shaku Nair will host the webinar. She is an entomologist by passion and profession, and a strong advocate of integrated pest management (IPM) to manage pests in any situation. She has expertise in IPM in natural and structural environments. Her primary responsibilities include translational research on pest management and community education, and facilitating IPM implementation and adoption in different community environments in Arizona such as schools, housing, turf and landscape, recreational areas and medical facilities. Dr. Shaku currently is an associate in extension, community IPM at Arizona Pest Management Center at University of Arizona.

Registration for the webinar is now available.


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