NYC takes steps to combat rats


July 20, 2023



New York City released its next steps in the ongoing effort to control its rodent population.

The steps involve getting bags of trash off city sidewalks and into covered containers instead.

Mayor Eric Adams and Department of Sanitation (DSNY) Commissioner Jessica Tisch detailed the measures on June 28, according to ABC 7.

First, the Adams administration is publishing a final rule requiring restaurants and other food-related businesses put their trash in secure containers.

Second, the city will push to expand the containerization requirements to all chain businesses with five or more locations in New York City.

Together, the regulations will impact 25 percent of businesses across the five boroughs, the city said. These businesses that produce about 4 million pounds of waste every day.

“New York City used to be known for our mean streets, but, going forward, we’re going to be known for our clean streets,” Mayor Adams said.

“New York is the home of the best restaurants in the world. I know it, you know it – and the rats know it, too,” Tisch said. “When you leave food behind, they’re ready for a gourmet meal, with the black bags outside food-related businesses basically serving as a to-go box for the rats. That ends now.”

The moves come less than a year after the New York City Council passed its Rat Action Plan, requiring the city to establish rat mitigation zones and mandating annual Health Department reports on the city’s rat problem.

Last October, New York City was ranked the second “rattiest city” by Orkin pest control earlier this month, trailing only Chicago in the company’s latest rankings.

On April 14, New York City officially appointed Kathleen Corradi as its rat czar to handle the city’s rat population.


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