Brandenburg: Genus Spectra LED and Spectra Compact LED


July 21, 2023



Elegant. Compact. Discreet. Experience what is being called the world’s fastest fly trapping technology with Brandenburg’s Genus Spectra LED and Spectra Compact LED insect light traps (ILTs). The Spectra LED line allows for horizontal or vertical placement, enabling low-profile wall-mount installations. The slim form factor of the Spectra LED ILT allows for discreet placement in locations where space is limited. These features make them ideal for a wide range of applications, including restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals and more. Designed with the technician in mind, the Spectra LED and Compact LED models incorporate lift-and-stay hinge covers for quick and easy hands-free servicing. Experience remarkable energy savings and reduced carbon emissions compared to fluorescent models.

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