Ensystex: Cane Catcher


August 17, 2023



Cane Catcher is considered to be the world’s only touchless trap for cane toads (Rhinella marina). The patent-pending design was created specifically to attract cane toads and developed through years of prototype field study. A built-in touchless method of disposal feature allows users to easily empty. The trap was originally created by professional animal trappers for private use with remarkable results in reducing cane toad populations.

Cane toads, also known as bufo or marine toads, are a large invasive species that are poisonous to most animals, including domestic pets. As a result the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) encourages landowners to kill cane toads on their own property whenever possible.

Cane Catcher provides pest management professionals (PMPs) with a solution for any accounts that are being invaded with these toxic creatures. Communities utilizing the Cane Catcher system have reported a reduction in toad populations by as much 90 percent. For added peace of mind for clients, PMPs can place additional stations after knocking down the population, to offer added protection and reduce any risk for pet dogs or cats.

Unlike costly night hunts, Cane Catcher provides a sustainable, long-term solution with round-the-clock depopulation. The sleek design blends in discreetly with the landscape and provides 24/7 continuous trapping. Each Cane Catcher station must be monitored regularly. Monitoring includes disposal of toads, rebaiting and resetting of each unit. Cane Catcher also provides an easy release method for non-targeted animals. Units can be self- maintained by the client, or can be a recurring revenue service for PMPs. Ensystex keeps a list of Cane Catcher Certified Professionals for each market; contact your Ensystex representative to learn more.



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