Technicide: Exacticide


September 19, 2023



The Exacticide is a handheld, battery-powered, pest eradication tool equipped with a multi-speed dial for flow control, providing exact product application. The battery powers a full day of uninterrupted applications.

Dust and fine granules are the pivotal point in any pest treatment protocol, regardless of whether you’re targeting ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, silverfish, termites or other pests. Many green pest control programs begin with dust and fine granules, adding heat, freeze, or steam treatments for complete control. Remember that for eradication and prevention, dust is a must. To dust like a pro, use the Exacticide power dust applicator.

The Exacticide kit includes everything users need to get started, including the base unit, battery, charger, two canisters, two applicator wands and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Technicide offers multiple accessories, allowing professionals to treat a variety of pests and target areas, even up to 36 feet. Exacticide users report that they complete jobs 75 percent faster and save 90 percent in chemical costs compared to other tools.

About Technicide

With manufacturing facilities based in Heber City, Utah, Technicide was founded in 1989 by Jim Harper, a third-generation pest management professional. At 15, his responsibility in the family business was to maintain and repair the equipment. It was then that Harper built a truck-mounted power rig that could slide out of the truck, allowing it to double as a family vehicle. Harper continued to bring his innovations to the family business and took the company to new heights.

 In 1985, the Harper family decided to expand its services into the restaurant pest elimination market. Harper began designing more sophisticated equipment — the Injecticide and the Techniduster — to meet the service needs.

The Exacticide was developed in 2001, and Harper continues to improve it based on customer feedback and extensive field testing today.

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