Forbes Home ranks pests by state


September 27, 2023

Recent research from Forbes Home shows the most common pests in the U.S.

Since the U.S. encompasses a wide range of climates and environments, some pests are more common in some areas than others.

Forbes Home research found that spiders are the most common pest in the country, showing its presence the most in 12 states. Check out the common pests in each state:

  • Spiders: 12
  • Carpenter ants: 9
  • Termites: 7
  • Cockroaches: 7
  • Carpenter bees: 6
  • Wood-boring beetles: 3
  • Fire ants: 3
  • Scorpions: 2

The pest populations in each state depend on the climate and available resources for them. Check out the most popular pests in each state based on data pulled from the U.S. Census Bureau.



  • Alabama: Termites
  • Alaska: Carpenter ants
  • Arizona: Scorpions
  • Arkansas: Spiders
  • California: Termites
  • Colorado: Spiders
  • Connecticut: Carpenter ants
  • Delaware: Cockroaches
  • Florida: Termites
  • Georgia: Carpenter bees
  • Hawaii: Termites
  • Idaho: Spiders
  • Illinois: Wood-boring beetles
  • Indiana: Carpenter bees
  • Iowa: Spiders
  • Kansas: Spiders
  • Kentucky: Carpenter bees
  • Louisiana: Termites
  • Maine: Carpenter ants
  • Maryland: Cockroaches
  • Massachusetts: Carpenter ants
  • Michigan: Carpenter ants
  • Minnesota: Carpenter ants
  • Mississippi: Termites
  • Missouri: Carpenter bees
  • Montana: Spiders
  • Nebraska: Spiders
  • Nevada: Fire ants
  • New Hampshire: Carpenter ants
  • New Jersey: Wood-boring beetles
  • New Mexico: Fire ants
  • New York: Cockroaches
  • North Carolina: Cockroaches
  • North Dakota: Spiders
  • Ohio: Carpenter bees
  • Oklahoma: Spiders
  • Oregon: Spiders
  • Pennsylvania: Cockroaches
  • Rhode Island: Carpenter ants
  • South Carolina :Fire ants
  • South Dakota: Spiders
  • Tennessee: Carpenter bees
  • Texas: Cockroaches
  • Utah: Scorpions
  • Vermont: Carpenter ants
  • Virginia: Cockroaches
  • Washington: Spiders
  • West Virginia: Termites
  • Wisconsin: Wood-boring beetles
  • Wyoming: Spiders

Were you surprised by the most common pest in your state? Let us know in the comments.

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