Liphatech: 15 Years of FirstStrike


September 29, 2023



Currently celebrating 15 years in the rodent marketplace, Liphatech’s FirstStrike soft bait continues to help pest management professionals (PMPs) tackle an array of rodent challenges. PMPs can be assured that they are using bait that demonstrates palatability and performance.

Liphatech invented FirstStrike’s exclusive active ingredient, difethialone, an anticoagulant rodenticide. This bait is ideal for rodent cleanouts, lingering rodents, tough infestations or for everyday use. Even in very hot environments, FirstStrike will maintain its palatability and integrity.

Now known as “The Soft Bait Innovators,” Liphatech also invented bromadiolone, the active ingredient in Resolv soft bait, and chlorophacinone, the active ingredient in Flatline soft bait — both anticoagulant rodenticides. All Liphatech soft baits are labeled for the control of Norway rats, roof rats and house mice.

FirstStrike is available in 10-gram pouches (16-pound cases of four 4-pound bags,  two 8-pound pails or one 16-pound pail) and 40-gram pouches (one 16-pound pail).

About Liphatech

With U.S. headquarters based in Milwaukee, Wis., Liphatech is a worldwide manufacturer of pest control products. It is considered to be the developer of three of the industry’s active ingredients: chlorophacinone, bromadiolone and difethialone. The company was founded in France in 1946 io develop anticoagulants for the treatment of heart patients. It developed chlorophacinone in the 1960s and branded it as Rozol, a family of products that includes grain and pelleted products for field and structural use, and a tracking powder for use in and around structures. In the 1970s, Liphatech developed bromadiolone, its original second-generation rodenticide active ingredient.

The innovations continued with the opening of its U.S. facility in 1987. Research there and in Europe resulted in the discovery of difethialone during the late 1980s, with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registration as an active ingredient in 1995.



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