Bird Barrier: BirdSlide


September 30, 2023



Ledges are tricky when it comes to birds who are nesting. Bird Barrier’s BirdSlide can be the solution. BirdSlide protects ledges (including “L” shaped), eaves, angle irons and I-beams against all bird species — even sparrows. Pest birds cannot get a grip and slide right off the surface. This product is an architect and customer’s dream because it can blend into a building structure. It comes in grey or beige, which complement most structures. It also can be painted to match any building color. For 6-inch ledges , the flat base simply glues to any surface. For a narrower ledge, the product can be trimmed down; for wider ledges, an extension can be added. Customized lengths up to 10 feet are available. BirdSlide can also be screwed into wood surfaces. It is easy to install and is a long-lasting deterrent made from ultraviolet light (UV)-stabilized polycarbonate.

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