Control Solutions Inc.: TAURUS SC


October 1, 2023



TAURUS SC is designed to be an adaptable and reliable termiticide/pesticide. This water-based suspension concentrate boasts a 9.1 percent fipronil content, making it an ally against a wide range of troublesome insects.

TAURUS SC is a non-repellent insecticide that operates discreetly, remaining invisible to the pests it targets. It allows them to make direct contact, ingest and unwittingly distribute the insecticide throughout their entire colony, ensuring effective extermination.

With the flexibility of up to four applications per year, TAURUS SC maintains its potency even at a minimal 0.03 percent dilution rate. Whether applied to exterior surfaces or along the foundation perimeter of designated structures, it guarantees year-round defense against invasive insects.

Control Solutions Inc.’s (CSI’s) 10-year Promises of Protection warranty provides users with lasting security and assurance, backed by the proven performance of TAURUS SC. It’s engineered to excel in various scenarios. It’s a go-to for pre- and post-construction termite applications, offering adaptability and reliability. Moreover, it’s labeled for barrier applications, effectively targeting occasional invaders that threaten the integrity of valuable structures.

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