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October 3, 2023

Kevin Stoltman

Kevin Stoltman

In 1933, when Al Cossetta launched Exterminators Log, Pest Management Professional’s (PMP’s) predecessor, a printed technical journal was all the industry needed. Since then, the industry’s information needs have expanded to include more intel on emerging pest control products and techniques, as well as time- and money-saving business solutions.

Although much has changed — including four name changes for our media brand — much has remained unchanged. For instance, through nine decades of service, our mission endures: PMP remains Pest Control’s Most Trusted Technical Resource.

Decade after decade, independent media studies have shown pest management professionals (PMPs) lean first and foremost on PMP’s print editions as their preferred platform for information. Most of our readers/qualified buyers supplement our popular printed industry intel with exclusive information shared via our digital media and events.

Today, we deliver infotainment that captivates and educates PMPs by planes, trains, and automobiles — through print media, digital media, and exclusive networking and recognition events. Most pest control buyers and marketing partners leverage it all. Why not?

Those in the know continuously connect, learn and grow. No matter where technology takes us, please know PMP will be shoulder to shoulder with you — reporting on, embracing, and leading change for the better.

We at PMP’s parent company, North Coast Media (NCM), realize we are industry and media brand stewards. PMP owes its rich history to countless faithful servants who have gone before us.

We pledge to continually advance this industry treasure, and the wonderful professional pest management business we’re privileged to serve.

PMP 90th AnniversaryMagazine name changes reflect industry evolution

Exterminators Log: 1933
Pests: 1938
Pests and Their Control:  1939
Pest Control:  1949
Pest Management Professional (PMP): 2007

Debut Issue: January 1933

  • 16 pages plus four-pagecover form
  • 11 pages of editorial copy
  • 5 pages of ads — all without phone numbers, never mind website or email addresses!
  • Back-cover ad rate: $100

1933: By the Numbers

  • Stamps: 3 cents
  • Loaf of bread: 7 cents
  • Gallon of gas: 10 cents
  • 1933 Plymouth 6 automobile: $445
  • Average new-home price: $5,750
  • Average annual earnings: $1,550

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Kevin Stoltman is president and owner of North Coast Media, parent company of Pest Management Professional (PMP).

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