PelGar USA: Bandit Bait Station


October 6, 2023



“Strong, deadly and compact” is how PelGar describes its new Bandit Bait Station. The product was designed with the help of pest management professionals to offer an ideal environment in which rats can be trapped in and feed. Measuring approximately 4 x 10 x 6.5 inches, the station can be used with snap traps, baits and monitoring blocks. Features include a clear line of sight; an exclusive lock-in rat trap holder; water drainage holes; a spike for block and soft baits; a divider for pellet baits; and a raised internal height to allow rats to sit up and feed.

The Bandit Bait Station is one of several new rodent control products PelGar USA introduced this fall, including the NG Mouse Box, available in five colors; the NZ snap traps for rats and mice; and the PelGar Alert Station, which features a mechanism to easily tell whether one of the traps has been triggered.

PelGar USA offers several tips for correct bait placement in any bait station, so that rats are quicker to accept the bait:

• Get rid of the “new plastic” smell of bait boxes by rubbing them with soil, leaves or anything else from the environment in which you are placing them.
• Look out for signs of grease smears along walls, footprints, droppings and gnawing to place bait boxes on well-used runs, where they will be more readily accepted.
• Tidy up around the area and, where practical, move other items so that rats will choose the bait box route rather than go around it.
• Make sure you have enough bait boxes down to deal with the problem, ideally one every 15 to 30 feet.
• Tackle large infestations by increasing the number of bait boxes.
• Remove access to their current food source, so they choose the bait.

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