How using eco-friendly products can benefit pest control companies


October 9, 2023

Jason Scott

Jason Scott

Editor’s Note: This article was revised Nov. 9 for clarity.

Throughout the country, pest control is a competitive market, especially in peak busy seasons such as summer. Company executives and leaders are always looking for ways to stand out from competitors in their areas. There are many measures a company can take to separate themselves from the pack, but one strategy in particular will ensure you appeal to the entire community — offering eco-friendly solutions that provide even families with young children and pets added peace of mind.

Some pest control companies are turning to eco-friendly products to help boost sales as demand for this type of solution continues to increase. Eco-friendly products, in many cases, can cause customers to choose one company over another. Oftentimes this is because of concerns for the family, however, there are several benefits pest control companies can market to customers if/when they start offering sustainable solutions.

Environmentally Friendly

One benefit this solution provides is that it is good for the environment. This may come as an obvious point as the name “eco-friendly” would imply. This is certainly the case in areas of the country that have a particular focus on making an effort to buy products that protect the environment, such as California. Customers that lead eco-friendly lifestyles will appreciate and prioritize local companies that go out of their way to protect the environment. For pest control companies in particular, offering sustainable products that are organic and chemical-free is a huge draw for many individuals. Not only are “green” customers going to opt for this type of solution, but those who want to have a safer solution used in their homes.

Peace of Mind

In addition to the environmentally cautious customers mentioned above, eco-friendly pest control solutions also greatly appeal to families with small children and pets. When a customer calls a pest control company, all they want is the pests to go away. They can be hesitant to hire a pest control company if the products they use pose a risk to anyone in the house, especially their children.

Similarly, due to the ingredients in eco-friendly pest control solutions, it is also a good option for families with pets. Pets might be even more notorious than children for getting into areas of the house they shouldn’t get into. For most people, pets are more than just an animal roaming around the house. They’re family – which is why they are cautious when it comes to looking for pest control companies and looking into the products they use.

Commercial Services

Another aspect to consider is for commercial services. When a workplace gets an infestation of pests, or is looking to proactively avoid bugs and rodents, employers have a strong interest in hiring a pest control company that uses products that can be used indoors during the work day without having to worry about their employees feeling uneasy or disliking a strong chemical smell. Along the same lines, offices where customers are frequently coming in and out of the building would benefit from eco-friendly products so as to avoid chemical smells that may confuse or put off a third party that stops by.

When pests take over a home or a business, there are two priorities for customers: Get rid of the pests and keep everyone comfortable while doing so. If a customer can only rely on one of those two things happening, they are going to lose out on a lot of potential business. A pest control company looking to provide the best possible experience for customers should consider adding eco-friendly products to their repertoire. Not only will this solution keep new and existing customers happy, but it opens up a lot of doors for these companies to appeal to more potential customers, see better retention, receive higher ratings, and give themselves a more marketable business.


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