Kness Pest Defense: Triple Threat Trifecta


October 24, 2023



Meet the trifecta of rodent traps: Kness’s Pro-Ketch, Ketch-All and Snap-E traps. Made with pest management professionals in mind, these three traps are must-haves in any expert’s toolkit. The Pro-Ketch provides high value for a variety of low-profile needs, while the Ketch-All is the ideal low-maintenance, highly effective solution. Add in the dynamic, quick-striking Snap-E, and you have the ultimate trifecta for pest management. Be prepared for any situation with Kness’ trifecta of rodent traps: the Pro-Ketch, Ketch-All and Snap-E.

About Kness Pest Defense

Per company history, the Ketch-All was invented by a young, widowed father of six, Austin Enos “Brick” Kness, in 1924. Mice were prevalent at the high school in which Kness was a custodian, “and led him to the idea of the ‘box’ trap. He built the first trap from a square oilcan, a Tuxedo Tobacco can, a spring from a curtain rod, and the wood base of a crate. The first night he set his trap, he captured five mice.

“He was elated and showed the teachers and his friends. He was encouraged to build others for his friends and to seek a patent. By 1927, Kness Mfg. Co. was formed to produce the KetchAll Automatic Mousetrap and another of Kness’ inventions, the RotoBow tree saw.”

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