Kness Pest Defense: Triple Threat Trifecta


October 24, 2023



Step up your game with Kness’s Triple Threat Trifecta of mousetraps: Snap-E, Pro-Ketch, and Ketch-All.

The Snap-E combines simplicity with deadly effectiveness. The vertical strike bar travels half the distance to catch a mouse. Its quick response and easy rodent disposal make it a sustainable choice for your toolkit.

Pro-Ketch, designed for versatility, captures both rodents and insects with ease. Its durable construction and multiple entry points ensure you’re always one step ahead of pests. The All-In-One hinged lid makes for easier cleaning, ultimately reducing service time.

Ketch-All, the simple solution, offers humane pest control. The Ketch-All live catch mouse trap uses a mouse’s natural curiosity as bait. It’s ideal for sensitive environments such as public spaces or agricultural settings, delivering impressive results without chemicals.

About Kness Pest Defense

Per company history, the Ketch-All was invented by a young, widowed father of six, Austin Enos “Brick” Kness, in 1924. Mice were prevalent at the high school in which Kness was a custodian, “and led him to the idea of the ‘box’ trap. He built the first trap from a square oilcan, a Tuxedo Tobacco can, a spring from a curtain rod, and the wood base of a crate. The first night he set his trap, he captured five mice.

“He was elated and showed the teachers and his friends. He was encouraged to build others for his friends and to seek a patent. By 1927, Kness Mfg. Co. was formed to produce the KetchAll Automatic Mousetrap and another of Kness’ inventions, the RotoBow tree saw.”

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