Target Specialty Products to host November webinar


October 26, 2023

LOGO: TARGET SPECIALTY PRODUCTSTarget Specialty Products will host a free webinar titled “Basic Service and Winterization of ULV Foggers” on Nov. 16 at 3 p.m. Eastern.

The speakers of the webinar include Chris Norgren, president and CEO at London Fog, and David Herter, vector sales representative at Target Specialty Products.

Norgren and Herter will discuss the basic service and winterization of ultra low-volume (ULV) foggers and the essential practices to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of these versatile devices, especially in regions with cold winters.

Registration for the webinar is now available.

About Target Specialty Products

With over 80 years of industry experience, Target Specialty Products is a leading value-added solutions and service provider of pest control, vector and turf and ornamental solutions, application and aquatic equipment, supplies and education and training programs. Target Specialty Products serves the Vector, pest and turf and ornamental management markets from 44 locations across the United States and Canada.

About London Foggers

Since 1968, London Foggers has been a manufacturer and exporter of foggers for mosquito and pest control. The company offers a choice of many sizes and prices for both ultra low-volume (ULV) foggers and thermal foggers. The product offerings will allow you to select the size you need; based on the area to be treated and/or your budget.

London Foggers are used extensively by public health agencies and districts to control adult mosquitoes as well as reduce vectors of diseases such as West Nile virus, malaria, encephalitis, dengue fever, and dengue hemorrhagic fever. Indoor fogging applications are common for facilities such as food processing, meatpacking, warehousing and various factories.


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