Control Solutions Inc. (CSI): PDS and Doxem Precise


October 27, 2023



In the realm of multi-family housing pest management, a prevalent concern is the presence of cockroaches, known for their potential to spread disease and produce significant allergens. These resilient pests often find their way into multi-family housing, easily moving between different units and posing a significant challenge for property managers.

Acknowledging this issue, CSI developed the Precision Delivery System (PDS), which is an innovative, handheld micro-duster, designed to deliver precise amounts of dry flowable product. Doxem Precise is the dry flowable bait designed for use in the PDS that effectively controls tough cockroach populations.

Key benefits of this system include the ability to place Doxem Precise deep into cracks, voids and harborages with precise and consistent applications. Moreover, Doxem Plus is easily transferred between nestmates, leading to a second level of control. The dry flowable bait withstands extreme temperatures (won’t freeze or melt) and can be used in and around electrical equipment. Additionally, it can be used in sensitive accounts such as schools, daycares, nursing facilities and hospitals, including kitchens in these facilities. One application remains effective for more than 6 months.

About CSI

For more than 20 years, CSI has been a leader in the development of sustainable pest control formulations, with a wide array of active ingredients. According to its website, CSI is one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. As one of the 40 subsidiaries that make up ADAMA, the fifth-largest agricultural chemical company in the world, CSI is able to not only offer a large selection of products, but also introduce such innovations as Combination Chemistry, Pressurized Solutions and Encapsulated Solutions.

The company can actually trace its roots to 1958, when President and CEO Mark Boyd’s father, Richard, purchased a small pest control company in Pasadena, Texas, and founded Ford’s Pest Control. By 1960, Richard Boyd launched Ford’s Chemical to formulate and sell pest control solutions to colleagues and the public. In 1976, he merged the two businesses into Ford’s Chemical and Service. Read more about the history in Pest Management Professional’s anniversary coverage in its July 2018 issue here.

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